Nordisk Village Procida

6 Cotton tents in an unique contextNordic Open Space living nestled within a beautiful, walled gardenIndividual tents with shared central kitchen.

Nordisk Cotton Tents

Iconic in style and look, all Nordisk Legacy tents are named after geographical areas in the old Norse mythology and, from the home of the Light Elves to that of the Norse Gods, they each come with their own, special story.

On Procida we have the Asgard and the Vanaheim Cotton Tents, all open space, these tents sleep 4 adults and include 1 double and 2 single beds, sofa, clothes space and fridge.

Just next to the tents is a private relax area with a covered pergola and a really cool shared kitchen.

The Nordisk Village

Warm, colourful and deeply passionate,

the Neapolitan is a particular soul and this passion comes through in the colours, tones and feel of the Bay and in the Islands dotted around its 10km radius.

It is an Island of contrasts, both within itself and wihin its own geographical context; an oxymoron if you will…

Oxymoron – two words used together that have, or seem to have, opposite meanings.


Procida is the lesser sister of Capri and Ischia but, dont be fooled, her more authentic beauty radiates much more than her more tourist-friendly neighbours, and she stands out for her more earthly, Italian feel.


Easy on the eye and thrown together with ease whilst creating a formal, bold sense of style. Subtly spectacular…


New and undiscovered to many, iconic and quintissentialy Neopolitan to some. Unforegettable to all.

This tiny island is something of a rarity: a workers island as loud as it is discreet, as rugged and it is quaint….real Italy, if you will…


Nordisk Village Procida is located high on the central part of the Island, on a tiny resort with only a handful of comfortable but stunning accommodations. The Village is part of a walled garden and the whole space is shared with only a few other people – giving a real sense of exclusivity and comfort.


OUTDOOR LIVING is what island life is all about; here, we wanted to give you a place to relax, socialize and experience a slower way of life.

Each space is designed to give you privacy but with an ample view over the Nordisk Village, all under a light cover with mediterranean lanterns. These areas are detached from the tents to allow those inside to sleep soundly and those outside to enjoy the warm evenings of Procida

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Nordisk Village is

Zero impact

The Village is created and not built so everything can be taken away leaving an untouched natural environment.


We strive to perfect the art of Hygge, the Danish art of wellbeing and good living.

The Cotton Tents

The detail of each Nordisk Village does not stop at a general overview of the location; each Cotton Tent plays a huge part in the overall concept and our aim is to channel a didactic element of the experience through them.

Each Cotton Tent tells a little bit of this story and takes the individual client in search of one specific corner of this island or another, letting each and every guest discover what makes each location tick, with a little help from of Nordisk Village…

How to get there

The airport of Naples is just a short boat ride away.

You can travel by boat, taxi, please contact us for details or reservations.
Nordisk Village Procida is accessible from all major motorways and is just 35 minutes by boat from Naples.

Nordisk Village Procida


Choice of lifestyle