Nordisk Village Patagonia

Here, in the heart of the Argentinian Andes, in Làcar department, San Martìn de los Andes, we find Nordisk Village Patagonia.

Nordisk Cotton Tents

4 Vanaheim cotton tents, each with spectacular views over the Andes, just off Ruta 40, the famous route down the spine of Patagonia.

Choosing Patagonia is  all about  breathing in fresh mountain air and spending evenings watching the sun go down over the Andes. Each Cotton Tent has its own area, giving you privacy and to ensure that you really get a feel for this magical place; spend an evening in nature under lamplight…

Our project tries to tell the story of each location and the tents play a huge part in this; in every tent you will find the story of each place, waiting for you. Here we have 4 beautifully decorated Vanaheim 24 Cotton tents, each laid out to accomodate 4 people so you and your hiking buddies, friends or family can enjoy this spectacular area in comort, together. There is plenty of room for your rucksacks and equipment, too!

Naming our tents allows you to learn something new ech time. At Nordisk Village Patagonia you can read about the mythical serpent who lived in Làcar lake, the angry Inca King or find out about what nature has in store for you, high in the mountains.


Outdoor living

Patagonia is famous for its  prime  hiking , rock  climbing , mountaineering and horseback riding experiences but there is also a deep sense of culture and history in this place and Nordisk Village Patagonia is perfectly placed for all these outdoor activities. In fact, Lacar Department has enough Lakes, mountains and trails to keep you busy to enable you to have manymany visits to the area!

San Martín de los Andes to Villa La Angostura takes you 100km through the valley of 7 lakes – those of Lácar, Machónico, Correntoso, Escondido, Falkner, Villarino and Espejo;  an unforgettable drive with fairy tale scenery along Ruta 40 with an untold number hiking and climing routes.  Try to scale the Volcano at Lanin, the most spectacular peak in Neuquen, straddling Argentina and neighbouring Chile.


South America; a continent which precedes discovery and, though a place of historical complexity, a  land  where  people  lived  long before this modern version of the world was founded.

Here, in the heart of the Argentinian Andes, in Làcar department, San Martìn de los Andes, we find Nordisk Village Patagonia.


Nordisk Village Patagonia is built just for you; there are only 4 tents for 2020 so you really are immersed in nature and surrounded by the Andes. Book now and take part in a really special overnight experience…

Nordisk Village is

Zero impact

The Village is created and not built so everything can be taken away leaving an untouched natural environment.


We strive to perfect the art of Hygge, the Danish art of wellbeing and good living.

The garden

The village grows as we do and our herb garden is no exception; cook with fresh parsley, basil and mint.

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We love to host our friends from all over the world in Patagonia. We work everyday to have the best local experience.

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