Nordisk Village Paris

8 Vanaheim Cotton tents in an unique context along the Marne River, just 45 minutes from Paris.Nordic Open Space living nestled within a beautiful, natural Parisian surroundings.Individual tents with shared central kitchen

Nordisk Cotton Tents

And so, to Paris…..and to Nordisk Village Paris. Opening in April 2019 on the banks of the Marne River,just 25 minutes from Charles de Gaule Airport and just 40 minutes into the center of this most iconic European Capital: a location immersed in nature and tranquility, quintessentially French with easy access to Paris –the prefect site for our magnificent Nordisk Village.

So, what is Paris to Nordisk Village? The city of ʻlʼamourʼ, bistros and quite stunning architecture for sure, great food, quaint European chaos certainly, a grandiose and sometimes sinister history definitely – but not only. Visually, what is Paris?

Paris is rooftops; it is metal balconies and windows peeping out from under triangular roofs, just like our Vanaheim….; laid out in a 23 m2 open space, these tents sleep 4 adults and include 1 double and 2 single beds, sofa, clothes space and fridge.
Just next to the tents is a private relax area with a covered pergola.

The Nordisk Village

OUTDOOR LIVING is what Paris is all about and, here, we wanted to give you some bistro living in natural surroundings!

Each space is designed to give you privacy but with an ample view over the Nordisk Village, all under a light cover with a quaint loop of Edison lights. These areas are detached from the tents to allow those inside to sleep soundly and those outside to enjoy the Parisian evening.

What we use throughout the day, and how we use it, enhances our experience. Each place, each home, creates its ambiance, its history, with those things that we most hold dear. This is no different in Nordisk Village Paris; utility is important, here, with what we touch and feel paramount to the overall sensation that we are really living the Nordisk Village experience.

Nordisk Village Paris seeks to find the perfect synergy between each location and that fresh,nordic simplicity which makes Scandinavian architecture and interior design so special;clean lines, space and simplicity are paramount. Then, adding the rough, metallic hue of Paris will bring some quite spectacular results!

Achieving this effect is important as it is what gives this Nordisk Village its personality.


From kitchenware to colours, fabrics and even the most minor details there is a thought process…


The detail of each Nordisk Village does not stop at a general overview of the location;

each Cotton Tent plays a huge part in the overall concept and our aim is to channel

a didactic element of the experience through them.

In Paris, this equates to a treasure hunt across the city, in search of hidden corners, gastronomic delights and famous masterpieces!

Each Cotton Tent tells a story and takes the individual client in search of one specific corner

of this great city, getting you to discover what Paris is through the eyes of Nordisk Village…


Nordisk Village Paris has its own area on  a tiny campsite which includes services such as swimming pool, bars, restaurants and information point.
Showers and toilet facilities are on site and easily accessible from Nordisk Village.

Contact Nordisk Viillage Paris for more information

Nordisk Village is

Zero impact

The Village is created and not built so everything can be taken away leaving an untouched natural environment.


We strive to perfect the art of Hygge, the Danish art of wellbeing and good living.

The garden

The village grows as we do and our herb garden is no exception; cook with fresh parsley, basil and mint.

How to get there

The airports of Paris Charles de Gaule and Orly  are within 20km drive.
You can travel by hire car, bus or taxi, please contact us for details or reservations.
Nordisk Village Paris is accessible from all major motorways and is just 45 minutes by train to Gare de l’Est, Paris..

Nordisk Village Paris
Rue des Otages – Route de Congis (D121),

77910 Varreddes, France


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