Nordisk Village Jura

5 Cotton tents deep in the heart of the Jura Mountain range in central Poland. A climbers paradise our Village finds us in the woods around Maly Dolomity, a climbers refuge center and a starting point for many climbing and hiking adventures.

Nordisk Cotton Tents

Our first truly Outdoor-orientated village finds us in the Częstochowa Jura Upland, known simply as ‘Jura’, an area of standing limestone rocks, karst formations, cliffs, castles, valleys, streams and caves. The perfect location for Outdoor sports, the Jura Upland is recognised as one of Poland’s most precious natural areas. In the heart of this is Maly Dolomity climbing center and our Nordisk Village. Nestled in woodland, our Cotton tents range from the Vanaheim, to Asgard to the newest and brightest; The Midgard.

The Nordisk Village

Our Village is a real homely place; hidden within the woodland around the Maly Dolomity, a family run climbing center and shop. Each tent has a ton of space and is each nestled deeply in the forest, all interconnected by a woodland path. Toilet facilities are really good and are connected to the center, so just a short walk away.

Shared Spaces
This is a real climbing community, a perfect place to escape from the crowds and to feel the strong sense of wellbeing that our owners want to create. The shared kitchen and facilities are close by and the on-site staff are on hand to help you find the perfect hiking, climbing or touring route for you.


The activity in the Jura is centered around the Eagle’s nest trail, a 163km route connecting Kraków, Poland’s Historic Capital, to Częstochowa via hundreds of hiking trails and many spectacular climbing rocks, crags and castles; here there is no end to the Outdoor opportunities available to you.  Known as ‘Orle Gniazda’ (Eagles’ Nests), the castles have become part of the rock formation and, totaling 25 across the Jura, the majority of these picturesque medieval strongholds date back as far as the 14th century.


So Why Poland? Why not! Europe is vast and there are very exciting places in every corner of the continent. Here we have sport, history, culture and great people all in one place… In this new world we need to explore, feel the adventure and get away from the crowds and the Jura ticks those e boxes perfectly. An outdoor hidden secret, opened up but with luxury tents… sounds good? Getting there is easy and less that 1 1/2 hours’ drive fro both Krakow and Katowice airports and under 3 hours from Warsaw. You can travel light as there is a rental service and shop in site. Well worth the trip…

Nordisk Village is

Zero impact

The Village is created and not built so everything can be taken away leaving an untouched natural environment.


We strive to perfect the art of Hygge, the Danish art of wellbeing and good living.

The Cotton Tents

The detail of each Nordisk Village does not stop at a general overview of the location; each Cotton Tent plays a huge part in the overall concept and our aim is to channel a didactic element of the experience through them.

Each Cotton Tent tells a little bit of this story and takes the individual client in search of one specific corner of this island or another, letting each and every guest discover what makes each location tick, with a little help from of Nordisk Village…

How to get there

Nordisk Village Jura, Poland


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