Nordisk Village GOTO Islands, Japan

Asgard and Vanaheim tents help breathe life back into the old schoolhouse at Tao, Goto Islands. Closed for 20 years, The Nordisk Village Project has reopened this beautiful building and regenerated a community far out in the South China Sea.....

Nordisk Cotton Tents

Goto is a story of community, of people, of faith and of togetherness; a place wherein lies a hidden story, one born out of adversity and hardship.

Goto, like many of the southern islands around Nagasaki, is home to Japan’s ‘Hidden Christians’ who escaped from the mainland in the 1630’s and made their homes and communities there, worshiping in secret rooms and private homes.

The Nordisk Village

Goto is about landscapes, varied and of natural beauty; it is about shapes and colour, about mixing Danish Hygge with Japanese design…

On Goto there is a perfect balance between Japanese simplicity and Nordisk open space living which makes this project a very special one.


The Schoolhouse is the focal point of Nordisk Village Goto Islands and it encapsulates everything that our project is about. The third schoolhouse to be built in the village, it was, for years, an important part of the community which held many memories for those living in the area.

With decreasing numbers of children as young families left to find work on the mainland in Nagasaki, the school closed and remained so for nearly twenty years.


Nordisk Village Goto Islands has its own area within the grounds of an old schoolhouse, abandoned for nearly 20 years and renovated as part of the Nordisk project.
Showers and toilet facilities are on site and easily accessible from Nordisk Village and the restaurant, Tao Flat, is truly exceptional!
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Nordisk Village

Zero impact

Bringing Goto to life through Cotton… Our Nordisk Legacy Range Cotton Tents help tell the story of each particular village and Nordisk Village Goto Island is no different; Each tent helps us to discover Goto, to peel back a layer and to look into what makes these islands so special.

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There is a deep wealth of inspiration here and it would be remiss of us to tell this story without bringing these to life through our Nordisk Village…

The garden

All Nordisk Villages have shared kitchens and Nordisk Village Goto Islands is no different…

How to get there

Goto Islands are connected via daily flights from Nagasaki Airport (connected daily to Tokyo Haneda) and by boat from Nagasaki. Nordisk Village is about 15 minutes from Goto Airport.

You can travel by hire car, bus or taxi, but we recommend a hire vehicle or to visit Fukue and interconnected Islands. you can also visit by bike.

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Nordisk Village Goto Islands
Tao Village
Goto Islands, Nagasaki Province, Japan


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