Nordisk Village Paris


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And so, to Paris…..and to Nordisk Village Paris. Opening in May 2019 on the banks of the Marne River.

Just 30 minutes from Charles de Gaule Airport and just 45 minutes into the center of this most iconic European Capital:

a location immersed in nature and tranquility, quintessentially French with easy access to Paris –

the prefect site for our magnificent Nordisk Village.

So, what is Paris to Nordisk Village? The city of ʻlʼamourʼ, bistros and quite stunning architecture for sure, great food,

quaint European chaos certainly, a grandiose and sometimes sinister history definitely – but not only. Visually, what is Paris?

Paris is rooftops; it is metal balconies and windows peeping out from under triangular roofs, just like our Vanaheim….;

It is white buildings; it is brass and Bistros; it is chic chambray and the iconic and awesome stripe….

It is the grandeur of times past; of the Grand Palais and of the home of a true a world power, seen in every detail across the city.

Paris is everything we want to be an in the tones we want it to be in!

Our Nordisk Village Paris concept tries to bring these elements together; to recreate that cool, gallic charm and to

combine our Nordic, open space simplicity to it so as to fin d that perfect ambiance for your stay in Paris.

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