The Nordisk Village in Venice is a prototype

The season 2017, which is running out of stock, has been used to analyze our project and to fine-tune all the fixes and small improvements for 2018.

Strong with this experience, we are ready to open new Nordisk Villages in Europe, in collaboration with accommodation facilities that want to expand their offer by starting a new adventure.

Future Nordisk Village will be created in partnership with local operators


Supply of a number of Nordisk tents agreed upon

Architectural and stylistic design of exterior / interior spaces

Creation of a shared facilities

Layout of private outdoor areas reserved for each tent

Definition of services (breakfast, rentals, courses, etc.)

Centralized management of marketing and booking activities

Integration of a shop on-site for the sale of Nordisk products

Valorisation of the territory through experiences outside the traditional circuits

Join the Project

If you manage a property and have a land with a minimum area of 600 sqm, fill out the form or send an email to, we will be happy to discuss this new project with you.