The Nordisk Village Concept

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Nordisk Village: A concept project by Nordisk Outdoor

NORDISK VILLAGE is a global concept around the Nordisk Legacy range with its natural materials and colours – and luxurious lifestyle appeal. The interior of the large tents is designed as a conceptual mix combining Nordisk/Scandinavian minimalism and simplicity with local elements based on a unified design and common language. All NORDISK VILLAGES are partnerships with local operators and will be created, together with us, using:

  • Stylistic design of interior/exterior spaces
  • Architectural outline of the designated area
  • Creation of a story
  • The creation of a communal kitchen
  • Layout of private, separate eating and relax areas
  • Organisation of inspiration for service concept (breakfast, special courses, services, rentals etc.)
  • Addition of an on-site shop where NORDISK gear is available to buy whilst on holiday.


The design is key to your comfort and we have taken the best of nordic simplicity and added a local twist; each village tells a story, each takes from its surroundings and finds a communality which attaches it for ever to its setting. It is uniquely separate yet perennially connected to its surroundings; standalone yet forever part of each specific location.

Each Nordisk Village tells its own story. In Venice, our aim is to find the point where Viking folklore meets the Doges and the Republic of the Serenissima, where Danish Golden Age neoclassical style finds common ground with Andrea Palladio and the sumptuous architecture of the Veneto region - in short, to combine what is best of these two extraordinarily rich and powerful cultures within the light and open space of a Nordisk Legacy Range Cotton tent.

Nordisk Village is a working village, as it should be. Here all who live within pass their day relaxing in the open space Nordic design interior or cooking at the communal outdoor kitchen, taking herbs and spices from the garden which surrounds it. It is a place of socialising and sharing, a community within the pines. Where will we go next? Stay with us to find out…


The search for ‘Hygge’, nordic relaxation and perfection, is inspiring and to be able to take this concept out of a Nordic context and to make this idea a physical reality is what makes Nordisk Village such a unique and exciting experience; this is not just a vacation but much, much more. 

Nordisk Village

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Nordisk Village

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