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Book your stay at Nordisk Village Venice here:

Your Nordisk open-space tent can be booked for up to 4 people.
Search for your inner Hygge while enjoying the herbs and delights of the venetian garden and shared kitchen. And all this just a short walk from the Adriatic sea.


Book your stay at Nordisk Village Procida here:

Your Nordisk open-space tent can be booked for up to 4 people.
Visit The Bay of Naples and experience the iconic style of the Campania region, the Amalfi Coast and the amazing Bella Napoli!


Experience the trip of a lifetime by visiting Nordisk Village Goto Islands here:

Your Nordisk Vanaheim and Asgard tent can be booked for up to 4 people. Discover, explore and travel across the islands and find out about hidden Christianity in the south China Sea.


Nordisk Village


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